10-11-2021 - Here are the results of the first four months of commitment for the four young people involved in the volunteering project of the European Solidarity Corps program "Keep calm and go volunteering", promoted by the Europe Area of ​​the "Comitato d'Intesa di Belluno" and financed by National Youth Agency.

They are Edisona Xhani (Albania), Sophie Anvroin (France), Hamudi Salama Batah (Spain) and Mehdi Meddeb (Tunisia) guests in Belluno for one year. The young group promotes a path of education and awareness on the fight against food waste and the adoption of responsible lifestyles.


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Volunteering in a foreign country is a decision that you make considering the fact that you are going to expose yourself to a new culture and way of living, you will learn and share with others. That will be an experience that broadens your understanding about the world we live in, but also makes you vulnerable, facing the unknown path you are going to step into.

These four months of volunteering in Belluno have been very exciting for me because I have had the chance to share my experience and what’s most important for me, I have been learning new skills as well.

Promoting Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps Program to youth who are not informed about these opportunities, through juvenile activities has been very insightful for both parties. On the one hand we had the chance to meet local youngsters and assure them for the seriousness and security that this kind of programs offer and on the other hand they got informed and started to consider using these opportunities for investing further in themselves.

Moreover, planning activities and creating tools, psycho-social/board/table games regarding food waste and implementing them with young students has been the most beautiful part of my volunteering service until now. Educating children through non formal tools and igniting into them the desire to learn more and take small steps of actions for topics that concern the global society warms my heart.

Working for Belluno Solidarity on Air online radio has been a new experience for me that I have been enjoying too and I am looking forward to getting the best out of it.

‘Keep Calm & Go Volunteering’ project has just started with its activities in schools and I can’t wait to work with children and teenagers regarding the food waste topic.



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It’s already been 4 months since we volunteered in the ESC project “Keep Calm and Go Volunteering”. What have we done so far? We have created games and activities about the topic of food waste for different targets (primary school, middle school, high school…) and applied them first with a primary school in Alpago. As I really like working with children, I enjoyed the moment there; even though it was a little bit stressful because we were testing our tools for the first time.

Besides raising awareness in schools, we are also trying to reach a wider audience through our radio session. So far in our radio sessions we presented an Erasmusdays episode, interviewed someone who has participated in Erasmusplus projects and who did an ESC (European Solidarity Corps) -like us-, we also interviewed a teenager so she can share her good practices with us. We plan to interview the students that we will meet during our different activities in schools, but also teachers, canteens of schools, do some vox pop in the streets…

We started Italian lessons one month ago. I can easily understand the language but I still have some problems with speaking it. I am afraid of making grammatical mistakes… But piano piano I will feel more comfortable I guess. I can make myself understood for simple everyday things but I am not able to speak about “big subjects”. Ciao :)



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Quiero comenzar este resumen de los primeros cuatro meses de mi experiencia como Voluntario del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad en Italia, destacando la labor ejemplar de mis monitoras, una labor íntegra y extraordinaria que nos ha facilitado toda la integración y el llevar nuestra labor como voluntarios de la mejor forma posible, para absorber todo el conocimiento posible. En estos cuatro meses, me he encontrado con una organización que ha cumplido con todas sus responsabilidades y con una preocupación constante hacia nosotros, esto genera una gran seguridad y nos permite a su vez disfrutar al máximo de la experiencia. En estos meses, también he tenido el placer de conocer a unas personas extraordinarias, tanto en la organización, como fuera de ella, y esto es uno de los puntos más importantes para mí en esta experiencia, ya que te permite mejorar como persona y ver otras formas diferentes de pensar que no había tenido antes. En cuanto a la labor que estamos realizando, estoy bastante contento porque tenemos flexibilidad y llevando unas iniciativas que considero que son muy útiles y, por lo tanto, me siento realizado completamente en la actividad principal del voluntariado, ya que estoy adquiriendo unos conocimientos en áreas que desconocía, y unas herramientas muy útiles para desarrollar las actividades. A parte de lo mencionado anteriormente, la mejora en un nuevo idioma, el conocer otra cultura, el estar en otro clima, solo tiene un camino, y es la mejora en el crecimiento personal. Existen experiencias que no son las mejores o deseadas, pero también se aprende de ellas, por lo tanto, está siendo una experiencia positiva. Por último, quiero dar las gracias a todas las personas que han colaborado y están colaborando para que disfrute al máximo está experiencia.


(Vorrei iniziare questo riassunto dei primi quattro mesi della mia esperienza come Volontario del Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà in Italia sottolineando il lavoro esemplare dei miei monitori, un lavoro integro e straordinario che ha facilitato la nostra integrazione e ci ha aiutato a svolgere il nostro lavoro di volontari nel miglior modo possibile, per assorbire più conoscenze possibili. In questi quattro mesi, ho trovato un'organizzazione che ha adempiuto a tutte le sue responsabilità e con una preoccupazione costante per noi, questo genera una grande sicurezza e ci permette di godere al massimo dell'esperienza. In questi mesi ho avuto anche il piacere di conoscere persone straordinarie, sia nell'organizzazione che al di fuori di essa, e questo è uno dei punti più importanti per me in questa esperienza, perché ti permette di migliorare come persona e di vedere altri modi di pensare che prima non avevo. Per quanto riguarda il lavoro che stiamo facendo, sono abbastanza contenta perché abbiamo flessibilità e stiamo portando avanti iniziative che considero molto utili e, quindi, mi sento completamente realizzata nell'attività principale del volontariato, in quanto sto acquisendo conoscenze in settori che prima non conoscevo, e alcuni strumenti molto utili per sviluppare le attività. Oltre a quanto detto sopra, il miglioramento in una nuova lingua, conoscere un'altra cultura, stare in un altro clima, ha un solo modo, ed è il miglioramento nella crescita personale. Ci sono esperienze che non sono le migliori o desiderate, ma si impara anche da esse, quindi è un'esperienza positiva. Infine, vorrei ringraziare tutte le persone che hanno collaborato e stanno collaborando affinché io possa godere al massimo di questa esperienza).



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The pandemic is an issue that affected our life and turned it upside down because of it all the activities and actions are happening so slowly, but being in Belluno with Comitato d’intesa pushes me forward to never give up on people as I have been participating in an event to collect money for poor families, training course outboard I had the chance to be in touch with different cultures and learn new skills. The Erasmusdays event as an activity helped me to be more open to people, meet new faces, make friends, interview Belluno citizens and get involved with them in the main idea of food waste. The best thing is that I got a new family: the Comitato family.


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