John was a calm, stylish young man living in the south of England. His parents were encouraging him to keep the family legacy that his father was possessing: a big farm related to the ancestors of John, legacy that would’ve make John the 3rd richest man in England. John was crazy in love with Elisabeth, a 23 years old beautiful lady, tall and skinny, having a blond, curly, shinny hair that was brightening up her big blue eyes. Elizabeth and John met in a horse racing competition, where they danced on a cheerful country song and felt for each other instantly. The girl was thrilled by the lake, the animals and the mansion the guy was having in his little piece of paradise.Elizabeth summed simple, modest, full of joy and positivity so she made John fall in love with her in few weeks. Jack was the best friend of John, a really Afro-American guy.


He was introduced to Elizabeth at the horse racing. They were getting along pretty well and that made John satisfied. The three of them attended a family dinner with john’s parents on a quite Friday night. Elizabeth was giggling to Jack’s words and seemed so friendly until she became suspicious in John’ s mother eyes. The women told her son what was she thinking about the girl but he ignored her. John was blindly in love, a fool. Try love kept growing each day as big as a tree, and the tree was making flowers and the flowers turned into a fruit. The fruit was a little baby girl that was seating quite in Elizabeth’s womb.John’s parents find out about the baby and started arguing with him, trying to convince him that the girl only wanted the kid to get the family legacy. John was deaf. He didn’t want to hear anything. He knew that she wouldn’t be this kind of person and he was trusting her. In this moments, John was not having access to his credit cards and any kind of financial resources but he was having her. She was everything he needed. He was feeding himself with love, he was always thirsty of a constant desire of being with her, he was hypnotized by her beauty. Many times John and jack were going for picnics or long walks in the mountains. It was twice when Jack and Elizabeth were caught together, holding hands and standing so close to each other. Pressed by his parents and the circumstances, John is having a fight with the girl and ask her for a DNA test.

In a Sunday afternoon he is asking Jack to drive him to Elizabeth’ s house. It was a rainy day of autumn. Nervous and anxious, John is silent. In a certain moment he starts speaking to Jack about his suspicions and suddenly the car stops. He is confused saying that he doesn’t understand anything. Jack starts yelling at him and kick the guy out of the car.John starts walking in the cold rain. It’s dark, there is no car stopping in the road to get him and he is lost. Now he gets it: Elizabeth was cheating on him all this time. John was lying to him. It was so cold. Finally a truck stops. John is lost in his thoughts. All he wants to know is why. His only wish is to face Elizabeth and know why she couldn’t be honest to him, why was him so naive, only why!

A thunder hits the middle of the road. The driver loses the control. The car hits a tree and stops. John wakes up in bed hospital. The boy has amnesia. Elizabeth tells him that he was involved in a car accident but she stops there. Jack went to France. John and Elizabeth were waiting now for the baby to get born. On the 4th of September, Ahmad Al Kalid is born. He is a cute Afro-American baby. Elizabeth decided it’s time for John to know the truth so they seat in the living-room, having a cup of tea. John is inpatient. Elizabeth is calm and quite. John starts: ‘I believe in us and our love!’. The girl says:’ I love you and I will keep loving you no matter what. I know you feel the same !’ She continues:’ That’s why I will be honest to you. You deserve to know the truth!’. ‘No matter what it is, I will never stop loving you and our baby’, John says. Elizabeth reveals the truth:’ I feel really bad to tell you this and trust me, this is the hardest things I’ve done in my life and i can’t even find my words for how sorry I am that I was not capable of telling you before. So here is what happened’. She takes a deep breath. ‘The truth, John, the truth is that … you were never fertile so we had to use vitro fertilization to have this baby’.


Madeline Bratu


Sfoglia, stampa e condividi il CsvInforma: lo puoi fare comodamente dal tuo pc o dal tuo smartphone!

Disponibile dal 2020.

Volontario anche tu!

Il programma "Csv... volontario anche tu!" vuole diffondere tra i giovani dai 16 ai 20 anni la cultura del volontariato.


Laboratorio Inquadrati

Scopri come organizzare laboratori di ripresa e montaggio video, di grafica e animazione. Puoi avere un incontro, proporre un progetto e chiedere un preventivo.


Amministrazione di Sostegno

Lo sportello Amministrazione di Sostegno è un servizio fondamentale per proteggere gli interessi (economici, sanitari, giuridici) delle persone fragili.