This year, the project titled "Tales of Inclusion" which took place in Mezzano, hosted by Comitato d'Intesa has created a unique memories in the mind of every participants. Delegations who comes from different five countries which are Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, joined together under the same atmosphere to better understand the conditions of refugees and migrants.


All cultures made a collabration and participate to the main important activities to discuss the prejudices and stereotypes about refugees. Initially, they went outside to make interview with public to figure out how the community approaches the topic of refugees. Then, participants joined the game called 'Road' in order to emphasize and comprehend how difficult refugees's situation is. Furthermore, a visit to the local Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus DUMIA provided to meet with refugees and talk with them about their current life circumstances.


After that, to raise awareness about other people's challenges, it was provided a participation to reflection groups which created by choosing a person from every country. The main aim was to learn working together by respecting other's opinions and cultures. Because of international cultural events, they found the opportunity to compare their different life style and realized how many common things they have in fact. To destroy wrong ideas who trigger social prejudices, it was made a 'Human Library' activity.


Participants had chance to listen to the real stories from refugees and asylum seekers. In the following day, a digital storytelling workshop was organized to confront us with very unknown facts. Discovering new hopes, needs, fears, expectations and worries caused a sparkling effect in the heart of all of us. In the second stage of the project, creative writing workshops were organized in accordance with the experiences we have just earned. We learned innovative strategies based on non-formal methodologies by the guidance of professional trainers and writers. In the end, we tried to reflect all our emotions by writing a poem and we exhibited all of them at the Civic Museum of Belluno. Consequently, different colors, cultures, flavors, religions, languages, and opinions gathered together under the same roof for one sole purpose: for being more aware, sensitive, openminded and respecful. The world doesn't belong to anyone, we came to here to live as a human being. No one deserve to live under bad conditions. We must learn to share the blessings of our beautiful land and accept people as they are.


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Lo sportello Amministrazione di Sostegno è un servizio fondamentale per proteggere gli interessi (economici, sanitari, giuridici) delle persone fragili.