Puck is a small city located right on the sea side; very beautiful, but also very cold and windy. So the participants left not only full of expectations, but also with bags full of clothes.
In Puck, they met the two other delegations from Poland and Slovakia. All in all, there were 48 participants. Their task was to create quests about their home cities. Maybe it has to be explained what a quest exactly is: It is something similar like a treasure hunt. A game for tourists or other visitors of a city in order to discover special or hidden places. So the Italian participants started eagerly to create a quest about Belluno. They choose the topic „Acqua“. If you want to discover Bellunos fountains and rivers, feel welcome to play their quest!

But of course the participants were not only working all the time, but also had a lot of fun. Especially the trip to the beautiful city of Gdansk, the intercultural evenings and the „Oscar's night“ at the end of the exchange were highlights. A lot of new friendships and lovely memories were made. At the end, it was hard to say goodbye! Everybody returned home not only with an envelope full of farewell letters, but also with a heart full of joy and Erasmus spirit.


Sfoglia, stampa e condividi il CsvInforma: lo puoi fare comodamente dal tuo pc o dal tuo smartphone!

Disponibile dal 2020.

Volontario anche tu!

Il programma "Csv... volontario anche tu!" vuole diffondere tra i giovani dai 16 ai 20 anni la cultura del volontariato.


Laboratorio Inquadrati

Scopri come organizzare laboratori di ripresa e montaggio video, di grafica e animazione. Puoi avere un incontro, proporre un progetto e chiedere un preventivo.


Amministrazione di Sostegno

Lo sportello Amministrazione di Sostegno è un servizio fondamentale per proteggere gli interessi (economici, sanitari, giuridici) delle persone fragili.