During the seminar, they had the chance to discuss upon many different topic such as peace, violent extremism, gender violence, immigration, democracy and bullying. A very actual topic that the guys were able to deal with in a very mature and surprising way. Participants tried also to find some solutions against any kind of violence, from online campaigns to interviews, from project to videos to raise awareness. The topic also allowed them to compare their different realities where they were coming from, reflecting upon how sometimes within the same continent, there are huge differences. The method used during the exchange was the Non-formal education, learning by doing, where the guys are the protagonists of the activities and not the trainer, through discussion and group works participants are more free to express themselves and to learn. The two trainers of the seminar were Stefano Dal Farra from Belluno, and Tanya Silverman from London.
“It was an intense week, but unforgettable”, says Stefano Dal Farra, “ At the beginning I was afraid because it was a project where the participants were coming from countries very different. Anyway, this was not a problem at all. The guys were very motivates and interested in the topic. Although they were coming from very different countries, the bonding among them was very strong since the very beginning, a bonding that made them a team that was able to achieve some very good results”.
They also had the chance during the exchange to meet some people who brought their experiences, like for example Pietro De Perini, researcher of human rights at the University of Padua, who spoke about the situation of human rights in Europe, and Angelo Paganin of Belluno Csv who spoke about Civil service in Italy.
The seminar didn't want to solve the problem of the violent extremism, but it just wanted to be a way start building a bridge that one day will be able to link all people together towards peace and more democracy.
Nevio: “The experience witnesses one more time how European youngsters are able to deal with topic of extreme importance and emergency, with maturity, dialogue, exchange and brotherhood. Brotherhood that we all send to French people, victims one more time of violent terrorist attacks”.


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