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06 Luglio 2018

John was a calm, stylish young man living in the south of England. His parents were encouraging him to keep the family legacy that his father was possessing: a big farm related to the ancestors of John, legacy that would’ve make John the 3rd richest man in England.

22 Maggio 2018

BerilThis year, the project titled "Tales of Inclusion" which took place in Mezzano, hosted by Comitato d'Intesa has created a unique memories in the mind of every participants. Delegations who comes from different five countries which are Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, joined together under the same atmosphere to better understand the conditions of refugees and migrants.

25 Maggio 2017

LisaAt the end of april, 16 excited participants from Italy traveled full of expectations to Poland. They joined the Youth Exchange „Quest Love“ in Puck. While the temperatures in Belluno, Feltre, Verona and all their other home cities were already very warm, they were a little bit afraid of the cold in the very north of Poland.

09 Agosto 2016

It came to an end the new Erasmus+ “Open your heart, unleash your potential” in Frankolovo (Slovenia), in an organic farm. Veronica and Angelica Forlin from Lamon, Gabriela Colotto from Castellavazzo and Lara Bassi from Breda di Piave took part to this youth exchange thanks to Comitato d'Intesa and to the Erasmus+ program.

18 Luglio 2016

“A bridge for democracy and peace” is the title of the seminar that took place in Belluno, hosted by Csv of Belluno, at the end of June, from the 19th to the 26th. The project was funded by the Norwegian association “Terram Pacis” and it was an Erasmus+ KA1 project. Participants were coming from 7 European countries, such as Albania, Italy, Georgia, Norway, Tunisia, Turkey and Latvia, for a total of 19 young people.


Sfoglia, stampa e condividi il CsvInforma: lo puoi fare comodamente dal tuo pc o dal tuo smartphone!


Volontario anche tu!

Il programma "Csv... volontario anche tu!" vuole diffondere tra i giovani dai 12 ai 18 anni la cultura del volontariato.


Laboratorio Inquadrati

Scopri come organizzare laboratori di ripresa e montaggio video, di grafica e animazione. Puoi avere un incontro, proporre un progetto e chiedere un preventivo.


Amministrazione di Sostegno

Lo sportello Amministrazione di Sostegno è un servizio fondamentale per proteggere gli interessi (economici, sanitari, giuridici) delle persone fragili.