Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone! Përshëndetje të gjithëve!

My name is Ylber (in English means "Rainbow) and I am 30 years old. I come from a young little country called Kosovo. I studied for violin since I was 7 years old and I still study for violin.

I'm passionate about nature, exploring, hiking, cycling and when I knew that I would come to Italy in Belluno I was amazed. You know why? Because here nature is incredible and I'm in love with it since the first moment I stepped in Belluno, with beautiful Dolomiti mountains waiting to be conquered.

The reason I looked forward to coming to Italy is that Kosovars are not allowed to travel without Visa, so I see this as a great opportunity to have a new experience outside the borders. Probably not so many of you have heard about Kosovo. Kosovo was in war 20 years ago in ex Yugoslavia, and we are quite isolated: poverty and the Visa regime prevent people, especially youngsters to experience traveling and studying abroad. Kosovo is the youngest country of Europe , where the majority of the population is Albanian, as I am, and there are several other minorities. Another characteristic of my country are the beautiful “Sharr” mountains, that I have widely explored and that's why I am so interested in visiting Dolomiti.

The other reason why I decided to come to Italy is that I like to volunteer and help people in need.

Here in Belluno, I will volunteer for one year and working for the project "0 Food Waste". Food waste is more than banana peels, egg shells and chicken bones: it’s the lettuce we forgot to eat, it’s yesterday’s leftovers at the back of the fridge, it’s the exceeding food that markets have to trash away and all the food that we could have eaten but have trashed for no good reason.

My expectation for this project is to raise awareness of the community on the topic and create more sustainable food systems. I also want to challenge myself and see how much I can do for the good of society. I think that each one of us can impact even with small actions and lead by example, generating a bigger change within the community.

Volunteering means many things to me: it makes me feel helpful, it offers the chance to meet new people, exchange ideas and be creative, it is always stimulating and give a sense of purpose.

In this one year project, I want to achieve many goals, like improving my skills and my Italian, visiting and discovering the culture, definitely to hike in the Dolomiti and volunteering in different fields.


Ylber Bytyçi

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