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Il 5 per mille al Comitato d'Intesa

È tempo di dichiarazione dei redditi, dove poter indicare l'ente a cui devolvere il proprio 5 per mille. Il Comitato d'Intesa è tra i beneficiari: per contribuire all'erogazione di importanti servizi quali lo STACCO, gli scambi europei, il Servizio civile e l'Amministrazione di sostegno, il codice fiscale da indicare è 93001500250.


My name is Elise Cosenza and I’m 24 years old. I was born in Paris and now I live in Bayonne in South West of France near to Spain too. I study Biology and the next years I hope to come back in Paris to work neurosciences. I pasted one month in Belluno and it was very great. I discovered many things, the food is really good and I could travel around Belluno.


My first week was very rewarding; I met my partner for the EVS (Alexandra), my roommate (Beril) and my tutor Stefano. I’m really enjoyed to have met them. During this week, I discovered the Radio ABM, my work place for one and the director Marco who is very nice. I had never been to a radio so I was really exciting to discover this place. Inside, I could record my podcasts.

With Alexandra, we chose to talk about travels. We choose this topic because Alexandra was returning from Egypt and me from Ireland. But our two travels were so different because it’s two cultures very different; Alexandra went to Egypt for holidays during 10 days and me with Erasmus during 5 months. So, we though it was a good idea to talk about this to help you discover this amazing countries. After, we decided to talk about my trip in Thailand and the last podcast about different ways to travel.

Two podcasts are in French (Egypt and Thailand) because it’s easier to speak French so sorry for people who didn’t speak French. But the others (Ireland and Ways to travel) are in English because; like I was in English speaking country I think it’s better if it’s in English. And the last, we wanted to interview Beril (Turkish girl) who didn’t speak French. During this week, I went to a high school in Feltre to talk about EVS and do workshop about one subject (they could choose what they wanted).

Saturday, with Beril and Alexandra we have been in Venice, it was really amazing. I had already been in Venice but it was a long time ago, so I was able to rediscover this city and I love it, and we were lucky because it was a sunny day. And the Sunday with the association we went climbed the Dolomites. It was just wonderful and the weather was really good so the view was perfect. The second week began with aches but it was a great week too. We could record our first podcast in the radio it was really cool. Thursday, three schoolgirls came in Belluno and we introduced them the EVS and Erasmus. We should have done a scavenger with them but the weather wasn’t good, it’s too bad.


Tuesday, Stefano took us to a party to celebrate the last meal of Ramadan. It was really unbelievable, I could discover foods and plates and it was so good. We met two Moroccan girls who are really nice and the Friday they invited us to eat a tajine at their home. With these meetings I could discover new traditions and a new religion. For the weekend with Alexandra decided to go to Slovenia, in Ljubljana, but there was an incident so I went there alone. Ljubljana is a really beautiful city but it’s a small city. I could visit the castle and every Saturdays there is the wine route. It was very funny; you pay your glass and after you can taste all the wines. And I walked in the street to discover the city and to see the building. It was really nice.


The third week; Marco wasn’t in the radio so we couldn’t record our podcast, so we decided to prepare the last podcast for our last week. Tuesday with Alexandra went in Milano. It was amazing! Alexandra left Friday but me I stayed in Milano. I visited the Piazza del Duomo and the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It was really beautiful. After I visited the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie but I’m sad because I couldn’t see the Cena, fToo bad for me, I will be obliged to come back in Milano. After, I visited The Sforza Castle and I walked in the Park Sempione, It was really relax. I walked in the Navigli and I could take the aperitivo and I could try the Hugo! It was delicious!


For the last week, we finished to record our podcast and we could discover a center for refugees in Feltre. I could understand how’s it going and all the administrative procedures for the refugees to be accept in Italy. It was really rewarding. I’m really happy to have done this EVS. It was fantastic. I would like to thank everybody who was here all along the journey, at the beginning, in the middle, at the end. I think it’s a really good way to travel. You work but it’s not a burden, look at me, I can travel too. I was a really good experience. I already know Italy but I could rediscover, I was able to go to the cities where I had never been. Maybe one month is short but you can leave more if you want (for example, Beril stay in Italy for one year). I could discover Italian traditions but also Turkish traditions. I have more self-confidence to speak English.


Grazie mille a tutti!


Elise Cosenza


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